XBOX 360 Repair Guide

Xbox 360 Repair Guide and Videos helps those Xbox 360 fanatics fix their console in less than 1 hour. This Guide will show you how to fix the 3 Red Light Error. The guide also covers overs hearing consoles, 3 red lights, freezing, the E74 error, graphic glitches, and 2 red lights. This step by step XBox 360 Repair Guide is easy to understand, and will have you up and running in under 1 hour.

The Guide has the following features:

  • Simple Instructions - These repairs can be done by literally anyone!
  • Includes Several Videos - Step by Step Videos makes it easier than ever!
  • PDF Guide with Pictures - Extremely easy to follow instructions!
  • Includes Access to Membership Area - Constantly updated with Videos!
  • Full Online Support - If you have any questions, 24hrs a day.
  • Instant Delivery - Delivery is made immediately after payment is made.
  • Money Back Guarantee! - No questions asked.

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Left 4 Dead

Left for dead is a first person shooter, co-operative survival video game. The game is about 4 people (it's where the 4 in the title came from I think), called the survivors, they are Francis, a tattoo-covered biker, Zoey, a college student and horror movie enthusiast, Louis, a junior systems analyst in his company's IT department, and Bill, a former Green Beret and a Vietnam veteran. The survivors are armed with various weapons and explosive.

A game like Counter Strike, but instead of human terrorist, the opposing team is a set of undead. They are the Boomer, Smoker, Hunter, and the Tank! There is one passive female infected called the Witch.

The Boomer, a bloated Infected whose vomit and bile, blinds the survivors and attract the horde to attack those with bile.

The Smoker ensnares survivors with its long tongue.

The Hunter, my favorite among the infected, can pounce on Survivors from a great distance.

The Tank, has a large body, with its name, the most powerful and difficult to kill.

In the game, the survivors must go to the point where they can find rescue and must defend themselves while waiting for it. Obviously, the Infected must kill the survivors.
What I find about this game when I played it was, there was actually 4 players in both teams, so that would be 8 players in all. In our situation, I have many friends playing this game, and some of them could not join in the game because only 8 are allowed to play. I think, thats the disadvantage of this game. It has limited slots for players. But I can say, this game is cool and exciting, you should try this.